The Arcade Future

Griffin Aerotech was started by Phil, Chris and Brad – three guys who love the arcade. Their original mission was to make a new arcade game. They did it. It’s called SKYCURSER.

Along the way, they solved some problems. One of them was hardware. Since developers want powerful hardware and ease of programming, they decided to build their own platform from off-the-shelf components, game engines and open source software. It’s called AIRFRAME.

Now, with SKYCURSER in arcades all over the world, the new mission is to lead the way for the future of the arcade.


AIRFRAME is a platform for modern arcade video game development. It uses off-the-shelf PC components combined with modern software programming tools and an open source OS. It was designed to be powerful, flexible, and inexpensive compared to previous arcade platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions


SKYCURSER is the name of our first arcade game. It’s also the name of the jet you fly in the game.


AIRFRAME is the name of our first arcade hardware unit. It’s based around AMD components and a JAMMA interface for audio, video, controls and power. It does not contain a Raspberry Pi.

What is Griffin Aerotech?

Griffin Aerotech is the name of our company. It’s also the name of the fictional aerospace defense contractor in SKYCURSER.

How do I contact you guys?


Will SKYCURSER be released for modern consoles?

We’re 100% focused on making the most fun arcade games we can. However, if there’s enough demand from console players, we’re prepared to develop a port.

Will SKYCURSER be released for Neo-Geo, Dreamcast or any other console?

We love the idea of porting SKYCURSER to older platforms. However, we’re probably not the team to do it.

Are there other games in development for AIRFRAME?

Yes. We’ll announce more details as soon as they are available.

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