AIRFRAME™ Operators’s Manual


Thank you for purchasing the AIRFRAME™ prototype Arcade Operating System™. The team at Griffin Aerotech truly hopes you and your players love it. However, given its status as a prototype, the amazing experience of playing games on AIRFRAME™ may occasionally be interrupted by software bugs and hardware glitches. Therefore, we’d also like to enlist you as a hero, responsible for alerting the team at HQ of said bugs so they may be promptly destroyed. Send bug alerts to It’s for the good of the planet. We know we can count on you.


Phil, Chris and Brad


The AIRFRAME™ arcade operating system is shipped to end users with the following components:

  1. AIRFRAME™ Arcade Operating System™ console
  2. USB game stick
  3. Universal cabinet side panel art
  4. Universal cabinet marquee
  5. Universal cabinet control panel overlay
  6. In-arcade promotional poster
  7. Operator’s Manual


The AIRFRAME™ system software is in alpha and cannot properly display graphics during boot. A sequence of seemingly scrambled lines and interference during boot time is normal. Do not be alarmed. Be sure to wait for 30 seconds after power up before troubleshooting.

AIRFRAME™ is designed to be powered on and off by standard JAMMA compatible arcade cabinets with a typical on/off switch. No extra procedure is required.


Games for AIRFRAME™ are required to include an operator’s menu. Accessing the operator menu is done through the standard JAMMA “test switch” button. Preferences can be set for attract mode, credit allotment, etc. Games are also required to provide operators with cabinet analytics; e.g., money earned, play time, etc.


Most symptoms related to bugs, glitches and problems with the prototype AIRFRAME™ can be solved by power cycling the arcade cabinet. However, the following tips may also solve common problems:

1. Ensure the JAMMA harness is properly attached to the JAMMA connector 2. Ensure the USB flash drive is properly connected to AIRFRAME™
3. Ensure the cabinet’s power supply (PSU) is providing steady +12V


The AIRFRAME™ Arcade Operating System™ is not user serviceable and is not intended to be opened or repaired in the field. An opened AIRFRAME™ presents a shock hazard that may be harmful or fatal. Never open the AIRFRAME™.


AIRFRAME™ is sold AS IS. Given its status as a prototype, no warranty is offered or provided.

AIRFRAME™ is designed to work with JAMMA compatible arcade cabinets. However, compatibility is NOT guaranteed with individual cabinets. Compatibility errors may include but are not limited to: accepting and registering currency, power regulation, input controls, video and sound output, etc.

AIRFRAME™ is a delicate piece of electronics and must be handled and operated with extreme care. It is not designed for home use and is only intended to be deployed by an experienced arcade operator in a commercial setting.