SKYCURSER – Deluxe Kit

The SKYCURSER Deluxe Kit is for arcade operators looking to perform a complete conversion. This kit is ready to work with many American-style cabs. However, it’s perfect for a Dynamo HS-5.

Kit Includes
+ SKYCURSER game software
+ AIRFRAME Arcade Operating System hardware
+ Full color vinyl art for side art, kick plate, marquee and control panel overlay
+ WiFi adapter

+ Four missions
+ One or two players
+ Two game loops

Compatibility Requirements
A wifi connection is required for game updates. Compatibility with all wifi networks is not guaranteed.

A power supply capable of at least 3 amps at +12v DC is recommended. Compatibility with all supplies is not guaranteed.

Price: $1199.99

Estimated time to ship: three (3) weeks


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